We are Africa’s dependable partner
in healthcare & hygienics.

About Us
To ensure the supply of cost effective, quality healthcare products to Africa’s Healthcare. SA Health is made up of a team of professionals that offer flexibility and customised care and are recognised for serving their clients with respect and Values humility.

Africa’s healthcare sector is confronted with innumerable challenges which includes the supply of cost effective quality medical and surgical consumables and efficient distribution, particularly into remote and impoverished areas.

SA Health is dedicated to providing Africa’s healthcare sector the support in attaining high quality standards of care across the continent.

Over the last fifty years, SA Health has built a solid foundation for their customers, having extensively provided innovative solutions to the South African healthcare market.

In 2009, the organisation entered into a collaborative agreement with two leading Asian manufacturers to exclusively distribute disposable medical consumables throughout Africa, thereby fast becoming a major player within the African Healthcare Industry.

SA Health is passionate about changing people’s lives for the better. We pride ourselves in supplying superior products and personalised customer care. Together, with our flexibility and ability to meet the ever changing needs of our diverse client base across the African continent, you are ensured of a dependable healthcare partner and the guaranteed supply of cost efficient healthcare consumables.