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Safety Syringe, Conventional Syringe, Insulin Syringe, 3 Part Luer Slip Syringe, 3 Part Luer Lock Syringe & Sterile Single-Use

Hypodermic Needle, Infusion Needle, Dental Needle, Single Packed Blister Sachet & Spinal Needles


Latex Examination Glove, Latex Surgical Glove, Nitrile Examination Glove, Vinyl Glove & Safety Glove

Apron’s & Gowns

PE Disposable Apron, Vinyl Apron, SMS Surgical Gown, PP Isolation Gown & PP with PE Film Surgical Gown

Caps & Covers

Non-Woven Cap, Bouffant/Nurse Cap, Non-Woven Shoe Cover & Disposable Sleeve Cover


3Ply Surgical Mask with Ties, 3Ply Surgical Mask with Ear-Loop, Active Carbon Face Mask, Anti-Bacterial Mask & N95 Respirator

Specialized Gloves

DermaGel™ Glove, Vinylex™ PF Glove, Ambulance™ PF Glove, Nitrylex™ PF Glove & Microtex™ Glove

Orthopaedic Support

Wrist, Elbow, Knee, Ankle & Foot, Spine, Shoulder & Clavicle

Medical & Surgical Kits

Birthing Kits, MMC Dorsal Slit Disposable, Surgical Pack, MMC Device Removal Kit, MMC Re-usable Surgical Instruments, MMC Forceps Guided & Disposable Surgical Pack

Advanced Wound Care

Hydrocolloid Dressing, Foam Dressing, Hydrogel Dressing, Aginate Dressing & Silver Ionic Dressing

Screening & Testing

HIV Test Kits, HIV Test Strips, Blood Glucose Test Strips, Syphilis screen & Conform & Test Kit

Incontinence Products

Linen Savers, Draw Sheets, Urine Bag & Urine Leg Bag, Catheter, Intermittent & Indwelling Diapers: Adult & Infant

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